Our Team

Brychan Morris-Dafydd

Website Support Developer


Brychan, definitely the ‘Welshest’ member of our team. He’s part of the support team at Illustrate Digital, meaning he’s responsible for keeping websites secure, up-to-date and compliant with the latest tech and standards. He’s a pretty smooth guy, so the perfect fit for keeping our sites running smoothly.

For a guy from the remoteness of North Wales ‘Brych’, as he’s known by the team, has travelled and experienced a lot of the world and is a bit of a dark horse. He can speak English, Welsh and Spanish fluently, perfect for the sites we look after in multiple languages!

Supporting WordPress websites is an interesting field and throws up challenges on a regular basis. Brychan spends most of his time in staging environments, testing websites in safety where the user won’t see what we’re breaking in order to make things better. His cool demeanour and keen eye for detail makes Brychan perfect for testing, troubleshooting and fixing sites on a daily basis. Put short, you’re in safe hands.

When he’s out of the office, Brychan loves exploring, cycling and spending time with friends and family. What better place to love exploring than the mountains, valleys and coastlines of Wales!?