Lead User Experience Designer

Ed Townsend


Ed is part of our user experience team at Illustrate Digital. He’s responsible for researching, testing and creating amazing front-end experiences, making sure the work we produce has the highest impact possible on those using it.

UX design isn’t just about stuff looking pretty, it’s about practicality and what works for a user, which is ideal since Ed has a keen eye for design and a passion for making things ‘right’. He joined the team in early 2021 and has made a great impact on the quality of websites and software products that we produce and the efficiency we can produce them with.

You can often find Ed knee-deep in competitive research, evaluating existing web experiences, planning how to make things better and interviewing customers of the brands we work with to find out exactly what their needs, desires and frustrations are.

Ed is also a keen gamer, but when he’s not in front of a screen Ed loves spending time tasting and trying different craft beers or learning to cook really amazing food (and taking great looking pictures of it, too).