Head of Experience

Jonny Allbut


Jonny discovered pretty early on in life that he had a passion for creative design and the web. This led him to experiment and work with HTML in the late 90s, continuing to work with web and digital through to present day, just as passionately as in those early years (although don’t worry, we can assure you he’s definitely not stuck in the 90s!).

Before Jonny came to work with us at Illustrate Digital, he’d spent lengthy periods of time as a freelancer and consultant. He’s also held various senior level creative roles in agencies, and flipped between freelance and agency owner a couple of times working for well-known global brands across packaging, brand development and digital. All this experience makes him the absolute perfect fit for, well…Head of Experience!

If you spend even just a couple of minutes with Jonny you’ll soon see that he oozes enthusiasm, particularly for producing the best work possible as a team here at Illustrate Digital, and for truly being proud of what we produce.  This what the experience at Illustrate Digital is all about.

Outside of work, Jonny enjoys reading and researching new developments in the industry, while still finding a little time for personal creative projects such as abstract artwork and photography. He also enjoys getting out into the countryside for walks, camping and escaping the city to get some fresh air. He still occasionally enjoys a bit of coding, but it’s mostly just for fun personal projects these days!


Written by Jonny Allbut