Head of Infrastructure

Josh Bedford


Josh is our Head of Infrastructure at Illustrate Digital. He’s an absolute rockstar on our team, spending his days working on finding more effective and secure ways to maintain our clients’ website platforms, as well as looking after ‘all things IT’ internally.

As part of our client services team, Josh is usually found knee-deep in troubleshooting, speedily answering email queries, planning site upgrades and providing generally great banter for everyone he works with. If you ever wondered why our sites are just so damn smooth, here’s the smooth operator behind it all.

It was part way through 2015 that Josh joined the Illustrate Digital team and since then he has contributed massively to growing our customers and growing our agency too. He’s super friendly and is also in contention for the poshest voice on the team, which makes sense considering he’s originally from Oxford [insert cup of tea and plate of biscuits here].

When he’s not in work, Josh loves to collect vinyl records and vintage cameras (essentially living the hipster stereotype) and to cook up new and wonderful culinary delights at home. He’s also an avid Formula 1 fan.

Written by Josh Bedford