About Scott.

Scott Milton - Illustrate Digital

Scott M (or Milton to make things less confusing), is a UX Designer as part of our production team at Illustrate. He comes with great agency experience and with brilliant designs under his belt, having had a strong impact on our sites and clients since he joined. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys you could meet!

As part of the Design and Strategy side to our agency, Milton is one of the guys responsible for making our sites look and work well, ensuring the end-user can navigate smoothly and with a smile on their face. He’s great with buttons, fonts and user experience elements – a super detailed thinker and that pays off in the visually spot-on work he produces.

Milton joined the Illustrate gang in early 2018 after freelancing with us for a short time first. At the moment you’ll find him hanging upside down, but not like a bat or Lionel Richie (woah, what a feeling), but because he’s exploring and working from the beautiful city of Brisbane in Australia. 🇦🇺 We’re not sure how well his gingerness is taking the heat, but let’s see what happens!

Outside of his work with his favourite agency in the world, Milton leads a rather interesting life including work on his very own greetings card brand, selling his über sarcastic cards on Etsy. And as if designing his own cards didn’t scream “I can’t get enough of design stuff” he’s also part of running Creative Mornings and loves attending design events and conferences to soak up knowledge and get stuck in with creative communities. We’ll round off by mentioning that Mr Milton has an unhealthy obsession with serial killers and documentaries about their lives, but we should probably leave that there and say no more… (awkward silence)