Designing for every device…

Designing for every device…

At Illustrate Digital we are completely geared towards producing quality, cutting-edge websites that are really focussed on user experience. It sounds great right? Have you ever thought about what goes into producing a single website that works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers all of which have a different screen size?

It is a really fascinating (and occasionally frustrating) part of our work when you have to make all content on a website work whether it is an image that needs to go from a small screen all the way to a 27 inch monitor or text that has to be easy to read at all times – an area discussed by another design company in this article. When someone asks you to “just add’ a video to their website there are lots of options that need to be considered or it will be fine on your mobile but tiny on your computer.

What about the navigation? A large menu for your computer is going to take up most of the screen on your smartphone. Even scrolling on a page is different – a mouse works very differently to using your fingers to scroll on your smartphone.

All of these features need to be crafted and designed to suit the situation and a good website is set apart by these pieces of design. You can see from design trends that every year more and more steps are taken to a mobile-friendly internet. The old trend of building a site for each device and loading a certain one is in decline in favour of one responsive website for all devices.


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