How to make money – from a web designers viewpoint…

How to make money – from a web designers viewpoint…

I think website design works the same as almost any other business in how we make our money and I’m pretty sure it comes down to one fundamental thing… Adding value to the people who pay for your product/service.

Let’s face it, nobody would pay us for what we do if were no good at making something that adds value to our customers and their businesses.

I always tell my clients that a website is an investment… If you’re looking for something to give more info to customers, your website provides a higher level of customer service by making the information more easily accessible. If it’s to capture email addresses that can be used later on for marketing – that’s adding long term value to the sales of your business. Or if it’s an eCommerce website that sells things online to customers, well it’s pretty self-explanatory how that one adds value!

Let’s play the wild card here. What if I compare what we do to McDonalds? Sounds crazy but stay with me…

Why do people choose to eat at McDonalds? It’s not cheap anymore, so that can’t be it. Because it’s fast, that’s mostly why. And for some reason it tastes too damn good.

It’s that speed that’s important – it adds value to your life by saving you time on cooking and waiting for food in a restaurant.

So my answer as to how to many money, simply, is to add value. If you can sell your value, you can sell your product or your service.

Good websites add value to your business and that’s why we do what we do. That’s how we make our living and we believe we’re preeeetty good at it!

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