Let Me Lettings.

Illustrate did an amazing job creating our new website. We couldn’t be happier with the final results! The team worked above and beyond to ensure all our requirements were met. You cannot fault their friendly and professional service.

Linda Vella

Let Me Lettings Ltd

A bright, vibrant and easy-to-use website design for both staff and customers with powerful back-end management.

The girls at Let Me Lettings have really sparkly personalities and a great character to their business – so it was obvious that letmelettings.co.uk needed to follow that same bubbly brand.

Lettings can be a pretty ‘samey’ industry from the outside, so it was really refreshing to see someone with a different approach to the way they run their business. Linda and the girls clearly enjoy what they do, they have fun doing it and still they do an amazing job for their customers. So the new Let Me Lettings website needed to have a good balance of those fun and and professional natures alike.

The result is this vibrant and stand-out website that really brings through their purple branding. You’d know you were on the Let Me Lettings website, put it that way!

The property management works on a clever and powerful system that allows the staff to upload images, write descriptions, find their property on Google Maps and set it live to their customers. From there, customers can then open an individual property and enquire about that one specifically. The Let Me Lettings team then get a notification and can respond straight away to that enquiry.

It really is a clever system and is built to be well optimised too. Each property gets its own page, which helps with Google rankings because of the amount of well-organised content the site creates.

Of course, the website is totally responsive, which is especially crucial for consumers browsing on the couch for their next home!

Cool Functionality.

The Website.