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Low Fidelity Prototyping

Low fidelity prototyping helps iron out user experience and conversion wrinkles quickly and easily in any end-to-end UX journey. It could be a mobile browsing signup workflow, a single software module or an entire website experience.

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Thoroughly test UX designs, simply

Tweaking UX designs of digital products after launch can get expensive and complicated. User experience friction that’s not spotted pre-launch also leaves a poor user impression and affects conversion.

Low fidelity prototyping gives you the chance to impact pre-launch changes to digital products, without creeping cost and project delays.

What is a UX Design Agency

Interactive, user-oriented testing

Designing digital products in an echo chamber can lead to sub-par user experiences that struggle to hit the mark for their intended users.

Low fidelity prototyping ensures that doesn’t happen by opening up in-progress designs to interactive testing that gathers real data from real users.

Maintain full Figma visibility

Figma is the market-leading tool we use for low-fi and hi-fi prototyping. We’ll give you your own Figma access to easily feedback on low fidelity and high fidelity designs right from Figma’s simple-to-use prototyping board.

Test UX without growing costs

Low fidelity prototyping is a key phase in all our UX design work. The more we’re able to isolate and fix user experience niggles in low-fi, the higher the outcomes and the lower the project costs.

Keep project timeline on track

The flexibility of low-fi prototyping allows UX designs to be tested, tweaked and finalised, without back-and-forth, in a single project workflow that helps keep project timelines on track.

Understand your UX end-to-end

Tweaking digital product experiences individually with low fidelity prototyping ensures that all moving parts of end-to-end user experiences make sense together for users.

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