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User Interface Design (UI)

Also known as high fidelity prototyping, UI design adds the visual design elements that bring brand identity to applications and websites before they’re taken into full development.

What is UX Design?

Test final outcomes ahead of time

Before your digital products enter high fidelity prototyping to test visual elements, they’ll already have passed through low fidelity prototyping to test end-to-end user experiences.
The hi-fi prototyping stage gives a true and interactive representation of how applications and websites will look once launched. This will be your chance to benchmark UI designs against desired visual brand identity.

UX UI Design Agency

UI design best practice and accuracy

Once you’ve signed-off high fidelity prototypes to take forward to development, we’ll apply a robust set coding standards that will ensure flawless product outcomes of the things users can’t see.
Even before entering development, we’ll use the hi-fi prototyping stage to ensure the pre-development accuracy of UI design of the things users can see. Nothing is left to chance.

Simple, effective Figma collaboration

To collaborate on finalising low fidelity and high fidelity designs, we’ll use a market-leading tool called Figma. You’ll have easy, intuitive Figma access for viewing, commenting on and steering designs in progress, right from Figma’s simple-to-use prototyping board.

Influence final design outcomes

At both low-fi and hi-fi prototyping stages, we’ll give you full visibility, encouraging you to have your say in collaboratively feeding back on designs before moving forward.

Gain easier stakeholder buy-in

Besides giving you intuitive feedback visibility, high fidelity prototyping is also the simplest way of helping other project stakeholders evaluate and buy into emerging design concepts.

Interact with products, pre-launch

UI designs at the prototyping stage are more than just visual mockups. You’ll have fully functional, interactive access that simulates final product UX outcomes.

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