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Work with an expert partner to develop and deploy sites on WordPress VIP, one of the world’s most secure and stable platforms for WordPress.

WordPress VIP is a pretty particular platform with a unique and robust setup to help brands to get the best out of WordPress.

With an appreciation for security, covered by specific policies that help brands to meet and exceed WordPress coding standards, the platform is easily one of the leaders in creating secure and powerful hosting environments for WordPress websites.

As an experienced WordPress VIP agency, the Illustrate Digital team has a number of websites being actively hosted on the platform. Over the years it has become second nature to create and deploy secure, high-performance websites in partnership with the team at WordPress VIP.

Working with an experienced WordPress VIP Agency

What are some of the key benefits of working with an agency like ours, with good experience in building and launching sites with WordPress VIP. We've outlined some of the key areas where our clients see value, particularly when utilising the platform.

Collaborative website launches

One of the brilliant common traits of both Illustrate Digital and WordPress VIP is the collaborative nature of both companies. Launching websites is collaborative, smooth and secure, with guidance and approval from their team along the way making for consistently successful deployments.

Higher security, better protection

A big selling point of WordPress VIP is their strict security policies. Many agencies will see these as a disadvantage, usually if they know they’ll struggle to meet them! We regularly pass the VIP code tests successfully and clients can have confidence in a highly secure WordPress build.

A powerful partnership driving results

Drive your brand and its investment further, faster. Knowing how to get the most out of a platform like WordPress VIP can seriously increase the results you experience in website speed and conversion rates, as well as allowing your site updates to be launched more quickly and smoothly.

Some of our case studies in enterprise WordPress development

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Building the bank you can count on.

Our team were asked to help Countingup take their established website user experience to a new level.

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Bristol Waste —
Helping a city to create less waste.

Bristol Waste partnered with us to help discover a new design solution and engineer their brand-new website.

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Hodge Bank —
An experience you can bank on.

A relationship centred on strategy, user experience and flexible content management.

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Questions and Answers

In a nutshell, WordPress VIP is a managed hosting service. Once any WordPress project is completed it needs a platform on which to host and share it with your audience. WordPress VIP is a brilliant option for this and is held in high esteem by many of the world’s largest brands.

Their infrastructure is dedicated to hosting the WordPress platform and whilst the background of their setup is complex in terms of the effort they’ve put into making sure websites perform quickly and are looked after securely, their controls are easy and intuitive for brands and agencies alike to use.

The biggest difference between WordPress VIP and other providers is the higher standard of code quality demanded to be instilled in users of the platform. Whilst this can make development slightly harder, it can only be seen as an advantage to encourage WordPress agencies to build more secure websites.

They can often be seen as carrying a higher price tag than other managed hosting providers, though they do provide a better infrastructure than the majority of the market. It’s very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for.’

WordPress VIP is part of Automattic, the brand established by one of the co-founders of the WordPress project. Whilst WordPress is a free, open-source platform for anyone around the world to use (no strings attached), there’s also a commercial model that licenses and uses the platform of which WordPress VIP is a part of.

In short, yes. WordPress VIP is primarily an enterprise hosting solution. This is their entire proposition and target their service more towards large brands and publishers.

This is of course a really encouraging thing for any enterprise organisation, knowing that their entire infrastructure is geared towards helping the world’s biggest brands to launch and host WordPress websites for millions of users.

As an enterprise WordPress agency we’re well aware of the importance that security plays in your decision to choose a hosting provider (and an agency for that matter). The level of additional code quality required by WordPress VIP is one of the key factors in ensuring that the websites launched on their platform are secure, but it’s not the only way they maintain a safe hosting environment.

Websites hosted on WordPress VIP benefit from their compounded knowledge of securing WordPress, identifying vulnerabilities and keeping hackers at bay. The shared knowledge from across their client base and the wider WordPress community plays into their ability to run a safe and robust platform.

Possibly the best way we can evidence this is by pointing to Countingup Bank, a client of both Illustrate Digital and WordPress VIP, trusting the bank-grade security on offer with both sides of the relationship.