About Our Agency

At Illustrate we are one of the leading web development agencies in Cardiff, as well as one of a handful of WordPress Specialists in the UK.

We are 100% dedicated to the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. For this reason, paired with our high level of customer service, we attract and retain good quality clients with ambitious projects.

From day-to-day we operate like a family. We’re never just about a job – what you do for a living is a very big part of your life and we strive to make that as challenging, exciting and fulfilling as possible every day.

Having moved from our agency’s birthplace in Lancashire, we’re now based in beautiful Cardiff Bay in Wales, in our newly refurbished office. It’s a very ‘white’ office surrounded by huge windows that let in tonnes of light, making it an absolutely awesome place to work. We also have some remote team members, who interact with us using Skype, Slack and various project management tools.

We also invest heavily in the equipment we use, so in working for us you can expect to be working with the latest Apple computers and using the latest versions of all of our software, including website applications and the Adobe Creative suite.

Remote Development at Illustrate Digital

Positions Currently Available

Mid-Level Developer

Full-time: £20,000 to £28,000 depending on experience

Closing date: Friday 1st December 2017

Job Description

We’re on the look-out for an experienced mid-level developer to join our in-house development team in Cardiff Bay (or remote if we’re feeling nice). Our new developer will be working on a number of exciting projects, including the new sites we’re commissioned to build on a monthly basis, alongside our regular customers looking to grow their brand with industry-leading development. We’re looking for full-stack or back-end developers. Applications are welcomed by front-end developers with good back-end experience…

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How To Apply

Please submit an up-to-date and relevant CV to us, alongside an introductory letter explaining how you think you would fit into the role, including any work from your portfolio that you feel would be relevant to this position. Please be honest and write openly about who you are – we’re looking for people with great character and we value this more highly than great skill (it’s still important though, of course).

You can submit your CV and introductory letter/message to us by email: [email protected]

You should hear back from us within 2 working days to confirm we’ve received your email. If we don’t get in touch, please call us on 02921 961661 to confirm that we’ve received it.