About Illustrate Digital.

As an agency we’re here to change your relationship with the WordPress platform, using this powerful technology to help achieve results for your brand.

What we do.

Illustrate Digital is one of the leading WordPress agencies in the UK with offices in Cardiff and Bristol. We exist to make you feel good about owning and operating a website, and we work damn hard to help improve the results of your digital marketing.

We are dedicated to the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, two brilliant tools for building better web experiences. For this reason, paired with our flippin’ amazing customer service, we attract and retain great clients to work on ambitious projects with us.

As a team, we’re never just about a job – what you do for a living is a very big part of your life and we strive to make that as challenging, exciting and fulfilling as possible every day.

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Our values.

We’re strong believers in having a purpose behind what you do, which is why our values are intrinsic motivators that drive the way we deal with people, technology and projects. Our values speak for how we perform, how we behave and what you can expect in working with (or for) our agency.

Our Culture at Illustrate Digital with Melin Edomwonyi

Joy Makers.

We’re natural creators of joy, laughter and all things that put wrinkles on the side of your eyes. Life would be boring if you couldn’t have fun, make others laugh and enjoy what you spend most of your time doing. We’re light-hearted and we aim to work in a way that allows us to love what we do.

Scott Jones Addressing The Team at Illustrate Digital

Ground Shakers.

We’re not gonna wait for the landscape to change beneath our feet, we’re going to shake the ground ourselves, make things different and find better ways of doing things. Our goal is to never be an agency that sits still and does the same repetitive stuff every day, we’re all about exploring new ideas and breaking new ground.

Working Carefully on a WordPress Website Build


Good things come to those who work hard and put in the effort to see results. We’re a team who aim to deliver high quality, aren’t afraid of a challenge and want to be known as ‘the best’ at what we do.

The People at Illustrate Digital with Ian Brown

No Fakers.

Nobody needs to pretend around us, be yourself. This is the most genuine team of people you’ll ever meet, honest with each other, transparent with clients and living life with the very best intentions. We care about people and we believe the best in each other.

Our culture.

We believe that working with great people, with great mindsets, produces amazing results. Our culture reflects this big time! We’re not dressed in suits, we’re not uptight and we’re always up for making genuine friendships. Team is everything, so say hello to the brains and faces behind the sites we build.

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Dan Roberts Frontend Developer at Illustrate Digital

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