ISO 27001: Global Security Standards for WordPress Development

As one of Europe’s leading WordPress development agencies, we’re focused on coding and architecting the most secure websites and applications. The ISO 27001 certification is proof of our commitment to the greatest levels of security.

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What is an ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for managing information security. It’s a voluntary certification that businesses can choose to pursue in order to demonstrate their commitment to best practices in data protection, cyber security and digital resilience.

To achieve this prestigious certification, a business must create its own information security management system (ISMS) and demonstrate how it meets the ISO standard. This includes ongoing internal audits, staff training, robust documentation and processes, and completing an external audit with a certification body (in our case, UKAS).

Working with an ISO 27001 certified web development agency is a good guarantee that you’ll benefit from the highest security standards, something that we’re proud to offer at Illustrate Digital.

How you benefit when working with an ISO 27001 certified WordPress agency

As one of the unique few WordPress agencies globally to maintain an ISO 27001 certification (alongside our ISO 9001 certification), your brand is in safe hands. Whether we’re consulting with your team, building new web journeys, or maintaining existing ones, ISO 27001 is your assurance that you’re working with the best.

Without an official body or professional certification in the world of web design and development, the world of digital agencies can be risky. Recognising this risk, as a company we made a decision to not only reach the highest security standards, but to be internationally certified against them.

Whether you’re providing login credentials for your systems, sharing personal information about your customers and employees, or want to make sure sensitive data isn’t mishandled, our dedication to the ISO standard for information security leaves you in incredibly safe hands.

Here are a few practical ways working with an ISO 27001 certified agency will benefit your brand:

  • Ensuring all forms are encrypted and data can’t be lost or mishandled
  • Proactively monitoring and securing all aspects of your website against best practices and our own proprietary security practices for WordPress
  • Responding quickly to potential threats against your website and its data
  • Creating confidence that you’re more resilient against potential cyber attacks and other malicious activity
  • Protecting the integrity of your data, as well as how your brand is represented online
  • Maintaining high levels of up-time as a result of resilient security

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