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Why Hire Us? About Illustrate Digital

Illustrate Digital and the city of Cardiff

If you’re looking for an agency in Cardiff, specialising in web design that really matters to your end-users, then look no further – we’re the Cardiff-based UX and WordPress agency for you. 

Cardiff is the home of our Illustrate Digital headquarters, and whilst in recent years we’ve expanded across the UK, our hearts (and most of our team) are very firmly still in the city.

Our friends and clients certainly aren’t shy about a visit to our office in the heart of Cardiff Bay, within close proximity of Europe’s largest waterfront development, great restaurants and plenty of places to find a cheeky ice cream on a sunny day. Oh… and the view from our third-floor office is pretty epic, too!

Illustrate Digital's Boardroom in Cardiff

Boats in Cardiff Bay

Digital Agency's Office in Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay Waterfront

Our UX, WordPress and web design services in Cardiff

As a company we’re completely dedicated to improving digital experiences. To make this happen, we offer services including: UX Strategy, User Research, User Experience Design, WordPress Development and WordPress Maintenance.

Unlike plenty of local agencies, we’re not a one-stop-shop for every digital service you may need. When we launched back in 2013, we set out with the aim to be the very best in our field. Not generalists, but specialists. Specialists you can rely on for the highest quality UX design and WordPress development, anywhere in Wales.

These services, delivered by a team of local experts, are focused on helping you to achieve your marketing goals and get the best out of the WordPress platform. The types of project we undertake are full-build web design projects, migrations to the WordPress platform, integrations with third party software, improvements to software user interfaces, and existing website improvements (both visual and technical).

These services, delivered by a team of local experts, are dedicated to quality. In 2021 we achieved two internationally recognised certifications that endorse the quality and security of our design and development services. Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications are the sign of a team of experts you can truly rely on.

Take a look at our Case Studies to explore the various ways we can help your business to succeed.

Some of our brilliant clients based in Wales


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