Our Media Kit

Find useful resources here for media and PR, including our official logo versions, branding and other imagery.

Communicating the Illustrate Digital Brand

The Illustrate Digital identity is designed to reflect the friendly, lively, adoptable, confident characteristics of the company.

Punchy, vibrant colours and a dynamic and versatile design language enable us to make both our digital and analogue platforms uniquely ours.

We love our brand, we believe it communicates everything that we are passionate about and know that the way that we portray ourselves visually, is critical in shaping how we are perceived and understood by the outside world.

By applying our visual style in a consistent and professional way, we can build and maintain a memorable and trusted brand relationship with our audience.

Illustrate Digital Logo

Our logo is an essential part of our brand and to ensure a strong brand image is maintained, it is important that the logo is applied consistently wherever it appears.

>> Download the Dark Logo Version

>> Download the White Logo Version

Dark Logo Version

Illustrate Digital Logo Dark Transparent

White Logo Version

Illustrate Digital Logo White Transparent

Brand Colours

Our colour palette is friendly, vibrant and digitally focused.

Our primary colourway consists of ID Dark Mode, ID Ultra Violet, ID Teal and White.
To support our primary palette, we have a secondary colour palette that consists of ID Electric Blue and ID Pink.

Our secondary colours are designed to compliment and work alongside our primary colours to add interest to a design layout and should never be used in isolation.

Each of our colours can be used as 100% solid colour or as 50% and 25% tints.

Illustrate Digital Dark Mode Brand Colour

ID Dark Mode #232337

RGB 35 – 35 – 55
CMYK 100 – 85 – 50 – 65


Illustrate Digital Violet Brand Colour

ID Ultra Voilet #913CFA

RGB 145 – 60 – 250
CMYK 75 – 95 – 0 – 0


ID Teal #00C8C8

RGB 0 – 200 – 200
CMYK 80 – 0 – 30 – 0


Illustrate Digital Electric Blue Brand Colour

ID Electric Blue #3246FA

RGB 50 – 70 – 250
CMYK 100 – 30 – 0 – 0


Illustrate Digital Pink Brand Colour

ID Pink #FFA096

RGB 255 – 160 – 150
CMYK 0 – 50 – 40 – 0