Our Team

Manu Docampo

WordPress Developer


Olé! Say hello to Manuel, affectionately known as: Antonio Banderas, 007 or the suavest person in our office. Failing all of that, you can just call him ‘Manu’. Despite looking like a complete man of mystery, Manu can simply be described as the kindest man you’ll ever meet, which makes him perfect for a role working mostly on the support team at Illustrate Digital.

If you hadn’t guessed it already, Manu is originally from Madrid in Spain and joined us back in 2018 in a complete change of career. He’s always been passionate about digital and had taken a shine to WordPress in particular.

These days you’ll find him working hard doing mostly three things: keeping client websites up-to-date to ensure they’re safe and working correctly, testing the work of his peers to ensure the work we produce is of a high standard, and working to hone his front-end development skills on client projects.

Outside of the office, Manu is a celebrity. No, for real! Alongside his wife, he’s the star of a series of TikTok videos with over half a million views and hundreds of thousands of likes. He’s also an incredible chef and loves to cook Spanish delicacies for his friends, as well as exploring his passion for videography and photography.