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Research & Development at Illustrate Digital

With a small team of experts dedicated to innovation, explore how we use research and development to advance the products and services we use to help our customers succeed.

Dedicating 10% of our entire team to innovation

At Illustrate Digital, we believe that innovation is key to success. That’s why we dedicate 10% of our time to research and development, looking at three key areas: improving digital experiences, advancing the WordPress CMS platform and understanding how users interact online.

This focus on R&D ensures that we’re always at the forefront of digital innovation, offering our clients the very latest in web design and development. Our team of experts are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, creating incredible digital experiences that engage and persuade users.

We know that the better our products and services are, the more likely you are to use them and recommend them to others. That’s why we pour so much time and energy into research and development – helping us to reach our vision to be the world’s authority in helping organisations to create the best digital experiences for their users.

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Our three focus areas for R&D

With a team of brilliant minds it can be tempting to explore every idea that comes our way, but it’s important to align ourselves with our mission, as well as to focus on what will genuinely benefit our customers and their users. Here are the three areas where we focus our time and energy for innovation.

Improving digital experiences

As a business our core focus is on making digital experiences better. This means seeking to make websites and applications more enjoyable to use. Our digital R&D includes the never ending mission to create fast, secure and high ranking websites through refining website frameworks and technologies.

Advancing the WordPress platform

As a dedicated WordPress agency we’re proud to be part of a community that values collaboration and innovation. Our WordPress R&D is focused towards improving the way our customers manage their content and the tools available to help them excel in their marketing.

Understanding how people interact online

As a UX design agency we’re constantly gathering unique and powerful insights that help to strengthen business decisions for our customers. We do this through our own intelligent methods for user research including heuristic evaluations, competitive analysis and qualitative research.

Scott Jones - CEO of Illustrate Digital
“True industry leaders are defined by the amount of time, energy and attention they invest into innovation. Our investment into research and development is what allows us to continue operating as leaders in User Experience and WordPress Technology, delivering solutions to our customers that can’t be found anywhere else.”
Scott Jones, CEO, Illustrate Digital