Bristol Waste – Helping a city to create less waste.

Bristol Waste partnered with us to help discover a new design solution and engineer their brand-new website.


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Partnering with Bristol Waste

The organisation responsible for collecting, organising and recycling waste in the City of Bristol chose to partner with Illustrate Digital to design and engineer their new brand website.

Bristol Waste is committed to working in partnership with local residents and businesses to help all communities recycle more, throw away less and waste nothing.

As one of the leading UX and WordPress agencies in Bristol, the Illustrate Digital team were excited to work with Bristol Waste to create this next generation website.

Designing the Bristol Waste Website

Creating a unique and relevant user experience for the City of Bristol required deep exploration and strong planning to understand the wide-reaching audience. Existing data played a big part in the decision making process, paired with key stakeholder workshops to help understand the overall customer journey. This allowed us to create and test prototypes for the new website’s user experience. Once validated, it allowed us to explore more detailed user interface designs ready for the site to be engineered.

The results of design testing led to the selection of accent colours for each area of the business, used throughout the site’s design to clearly show which service a user is viewing.

In addition to this, both Illustrate Digital and Bristol Waste collaborated on content planning and strategy sessions to ensure the planned website structure would result in an experience that is easy-to-navigate.

Bristol Waste and WordPress

One of the key requirements in upgrading from their existing website platform was for the communications teams at Bristol Waste to benefit from the flexibility of creating and maintaining their own pages.

The WordPress content management platform was an obvious fit. The engineering team at Illustrate Digital created a custom website back-end for Bristol Waste to enjoy publishing content using the Gutenberg editor, the core content creation tool within WordPress.

As a result of the collaborative effort of our front-end and back-end engineers, the site is flexible to the point that the Bristol Waste communications team don’t need to rely on us when growing and expanding their site with new pages, posts, events and more.

We’re proud having worked together to help make the City of Bristol both cleaner and greener.

Featuring the Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

The Gutenberg editor, part of the core WordPress software, provides marketers and communications teams with the opportunity to write rich content posts and build new page layouts in just a few clicks. Implementing the technology for Bristol Waste has changed their marketing and content management experience forever, by helping users with very little technical knowledge to build pages in a way that’s unique to their content types. It allows them to think less about custom code and puts more focus on publishing quality content.

Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

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