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We’re all about empowering you to make the most of WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS platform. As a globally trusted enterprise WordPress agency, our developers ready to help level-up your website and unlock greater levels of security, performance and agility.

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Helping you benefit from the world’s most trusted content platform

You deserve different. We’re in the age of digital and yet most websites lack the flexibility required to allow brands like you to succeed in publishing fresh, relevant targeted content to their audiences. Years of specialising in the WordPress platform have taught us how to adapt quickly, adhere to best practices and, most importantly, to treat our customers well by delivering the best end-results for them.

Illustrate Digital is an enterprise WordPress agency with a team of highly-skilled WordPress developers who dedicate themselves to building websites and tools in this brilliant content management system.

To achieve the great results we’ve come to be known for, we’ve created a custom WordPress development workflow. This workflow is agile, collaborative and at the cutting edge of our industry. Whether you’re looking for an engaging front-end experience, a flexible content editor, or to integrate WordPress with a third-party to make things more efficient, we’ve got you covered.

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Globally trusted credentials and 100+ years of combined experience in WordPress

It’s important to know you’re in safe hands. And it’s no accident that we hold some of the toughest certifications in our industry for the quality and security of our WordPress development.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to WordPress from another CMS platform, integrate with your business-critical technology, or improve the way your existing website performs, we’ve got you covered.

As a globally recognised WordPress agency, our team holds over 100 years of combined experience with the world’s leading content platform. Pair this with a roster of satisfied clients who understand the difference our quality work makes, and we’re confident you’ll love the difference we can make to your organisation, too!


ISO 9001 Quality Certificate     ISO 27001 Security Certificate    Cyber Essentials Certificate     WP Engine Strategic Partner - Enterprise WordPress

How can an experienced WordPress agency benefit your business?

Not all WordPress websites are made equal. Let's take a look the ways you'll be empowered by working with a specialist WordPress agency.

Outperform Your Competition

In a world of underperforming websites you can put your worries in the hands of the specialists. Our WordPress website development services team has worked hard to understand how to achieve fast, scalable, accessible websites that are a joy to interact with rather than the all-too-common frustration. Now you can leapfrog the competition knowing the best WordPress people are on your side.

Publish Content Quickly and Easily

If you’re anything like most of our new clients then you’ve become tired of cumbersome content management systems and have been looking for a way out. You should be able to publish new content quickly and easily, without worrying about design or code getting in the way. This is exactly what our approach to WordPress delivers for you.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Avoid wasting time, for you or your customers, on simple tasks that could be automated. Integrating WordPress with your favourite third party apps and, such as accounting tools and databases, can remove a lot of friction from day-to-day actions. This can help your organisation to be a lot more effective with its time. It’s a big part of what we do and that’s because we’ve witnessed how valuable it can be.

Delivering for some of the world's leading organisations

From international government bodies to top UK law firms, leading charities to established professional service brands, we're privileged to help marketing and tech teams across the world to unlock the power of WordPress.

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We don't just develop websites or themes. In fact, as a strategic and consultative agency, there's a lot more value we can add to your organisation. Whether it's reviewing your existing setup, hooking up a third party service or keeping the lights on without you needing to worry; take a look at our full range of WordPress services, designed to help you maximise the world's most adaptable CMS.

Case studies in enterprise WordPress development

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Foster Wales —
Building better futures for children.

We were asked to develop a national fostering website, alongside 22 individual websites for local authorities across Wales. 

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Hodge Bank —
An experience you can bank on.

A relationship centred on strategy, user experience and flexible content management.

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Foot Anstey —
The UK's fastest performing law firm.

This is the story of how we researched, planned and developed Foot Anstey’s new website platform.

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Questions & Answers

There are two different versions of WordPress, both based on the exact same software. WordPress was created as a completely free and open source content management tool and you can find this tool on WordPress.org.

Back in the day, one of the co-founders of the WordPress project had an idea to start a commercial arm to WordPress which is where you’ll now find WordPress.com. It’s owned and run by a company called Automattic. It’s a paid-for version of the otherwise free content management software and includes basic hosting, simple themes and a nice DIY approach to building your blog or website.

When most people talk about WordPress, especially in a business context, they’re usually talking about WordPress.org. The free, open source version of WordPress that we use at Illustrate Digital.

WordPress.org is consistently developed by a fantastic community of worldwide volunteers who are passionate about making the internet a better place. We use WordPress.org due to its versatility, flexibility and reliability as the world’s leading content management system. Oh, and it costs nothing and is completely license free!

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it’s just a blogging platform or only built for small business websites, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. However, it does make sense… Its humble beginnings saw it start life as an uncomplicated blogging platform and as the years went by more and more people began to adopt and improve it.

Skip forward to present day and some of the world’s largest companies trust in WordPress to run their main company websites. In fact some of our own work with clients such as Penguin Random House, Hodge Bank (both featured in the WordPress.org showcase), Welsh Government and several large financial service brands speaks to WordPress’ pedigree and its ability to perform well for large companies and enterprise brands.

On its own, WordPress is a relatively simple framework. In the hands of an experienced enterprise WordPress agency like Illustrate Digital, the platform can be taken to a whole new level and implemented with scalability, security and a great end-user experience in mind.

We often get asked, much to our surprise, “how many of your team are familiar with the Gutenberg editor?” The answer is that every single one of our engineers are proficient and skilled in producing websites using the Gutenberg editor and this has been the case for us since early 2019.

In December 2018, Gutenberg replaced the ‘Classic’ editor in WordPress. It’s now the main interface used to build and edit pages and we think it’s fantastic. Releasing this new, more flexible editor was a way for WordPress to solidify its future as the world’s #1 CMS and it’s paid off. Pages are now much easier and more visually accurate to build, so there are big benefits to using Gutenberg, the native editing tool in WordPress.

In fact, we even built a site to showcase the agility of Gutenberg blocks, you can find it at: https://thegutenbergsite.com/

Honestly, it may be a little bit easier for us to answer what WordPress doesn’t allow you to customise and modify.

Because the platform is built and maintained by volunteers all over the world, it was designed to be sliced apart and put back together again in a way that ensures it all still works. If you’re visual, the best way to think about WordPress’ code is like Lego blocks. Just take a couple of blocks out, slip a couple of new blocks in and put your original blocks back on top.

This is very much like our ability to customise WordPress. It’s such a versatile, minimal platform that we can do almost anything we want to it or with it. As an agency focused on the enterprise, we’ve used WordPress for some really complex projects including software portals, company intranets and websites with both millions of products and millions of visitors.

How honest are we allowed to be? 😉 The truth is that there are a lot of ‘generalist’ agencies out there, probably hundreds in the UK alone who can build you a website using WordPress. There are only a handful of agencies (maybe 10 that we could name, 20 at a push) that could build you a WordPress website the right way.

What’s the difference between the ‘right’ way and everything else? It all comes down to best practices in a few areas: accessibility, code quality and infrastructure.

A specialist WordPress agency knows the platform like the back of their hand, but they also know how to quality check and peer review their work against the WordPress coding standards, how to design and build a highly usable website that people across many devices can use without frustration, and they know just where and how to host your site to get the best results in relation to security and performance.

Beyond this, they know how to get the most out of the WordPress ecosystem. For example, which plugins to use or avoid, how to integrate other technologies to work alongside it and so much more.