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Learn how we’ve helped to fine-tune the user journeys for one of the world’s leading comparison brands.





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One of the world’s biggest price comparison websites.

In 2021, price comparison websites were used by 69% of UK consumers in search of a better deal on financial products. Given that Wales is quite literally the birthplace of comparison websites, as a leading UX design agency in Cardiff, Illustrate is an ideal partner to help improve the experiences of some of the world’s biggest comparison sites, including GoCompare.

The GoCompare website provides price-saving comparisons on a hefty number of different household and business products including insurance, utilities and finance. It’s also supported by a strong partner network of specialist comparison providers and a huge panel of insurers, underwriters, lenders and suppliers.

Working with some of GoCompare’s key partners like Comparison Creator and Pure Property Finance, the Illustrate Digital team has the privilege of supporting and improving some of the key comparison products on offer by the comparison giant, helping to make it easier for customers to quickly find, compare and purchase the products they need. 

Let’s explore how we help GoCompare to refine their customer journeys and provide a better user experience.

A user focused experience for lead generation.

With a focus on financial products like second charge mortgages, gadget insurance, breakdown cover and more, small tweaks to the comparison journeys across GoCompare’s wide range of products can produce incredible results.

Our work at Illustrate Digital has focused on improving these comparison journeys, making them even more user-focused, and helping GoCompare’s audience to navigate and compare products more efficiently and intuitively than ever before.

The easier the experience is to flow through, the more customers will receive quotes and sign up for products. The work of our user experience designers and analysts is to reduce friction and frustration, making tweaks to the user interface that enable people to fly through the comparison process.

Continuous evaluation of the GoCo customer experience.

So how do we make sure we understand the potential pain points and stumbling blocks for users? It begins with evaluation and analysis…

At Illustrate Digital, our team of user experience experts have built a set of detailed evaluation methods based on UX best practices. We use these evaluations to benchmark user journeys against the expectations of real users. Honing in on features like accessibility, navigation, content and other important UX considerations helps us to set a baseline for how we can level-up, improve and refine the comparison journeys.

Building upon this foundation, we then carry out detailed competitor analysis. Using the same set of criteria, we get to learn where the competition is failing, succeeding and also exceeding the expectations of their users. This really helps us to prioritise the UX and UI changes that will have the most impact on GoCompare’s comparison journeys.

The perfect tech stack for price comparison.

In addition to our user experience work on the GoCompare customer experience, we’ve worked closely with one of their partners, Pure Property Finance, to create a simple tech stack that collects and tracks leads generated during the comparison journey.

For this, we ventured outside of the platform we’ve become known for, WordPress, and worked to build an infrastructure based on Laravel. Combining this with Airtable and some third party mortgage integrations, we’ve created a quick and powerful end-to-end comparison journey.

What does this mean in the real world? The technology we built allows us to quickly source, compare and serve loan products to users. What we created must be fast, to meet user expectations, but also must be flexible enough to build and grow whilst maintaining high security standards.

The tech stack we created and deployed here works incredibly well to collect and track mortgage quotes, and helps to provide great customer service to the consumers looking for these financial products.

How you can benefit from our work with GoCompare.

Alongside our brilliant clients, we’re always learning. We’re especially great at learning how user behaviours are changing, what frustrates them, and what surfers and shoppers online expect to see or do.

Learning from GoCompare’s comparison journeys and helping to improve how people interact with them, is one of the most high-volume, consumer-facing relationships we have at Illustrate Digital. And with each UX evaluation, we build our bank of understanding and best practices for improving every user experience we design and build.

If you’d like to benefit from a really user-focused team, one that knows how to build products and journeys that your customers will sail through, then reach out and let’s talk about working together.