WordPress Plugin Development.

Your own functionality in the WordPress ecosystem.

Proudly developing extensions for the world’s two biggest systems of their kind.

>> Why is WordPress the ideal CMS platform for you?

Let’s expand.

We enjoy working with companies who are looking to strengthen their impact. With WordPress leading the way in the world of content management – boasting a 60% market share – it’s the most impactful platform with which to share your brand and the functionality it offers.

Our team have plenty of experience in creating bespoke plugins, whether for WordPress or WooCommerce, which can help to expand the possibilities of the platform, as well as to improve your service in the most community-friendly way possible.

Having a technology partner who understands the WordPress community and plugin marketplace can ensure the success of your plugin launch, as well as advise on how best to maintain and update your software for the long term.

For an example of our plugin development work, take a look at:
>> The official Secure Trading Gateway for WooCommerce

FinTechs and Payment Gateway PluginsFinTechs and payment gateways.

Looking to integrate your technology with WordPress or WooCommerce? With expertise in FinTech and payment gateways, as well as key insights into the community you’re launching to, we can collaborate on the right technology strategy for the functionality you want to create.

WordPress Plugin Development

Integrate your software with WordPress.

With years of experience in creating and integrating plugins for WordPress, as well as keeping our finger on the pulse in the marketplace, our development experts are the credible choice for producing your requirements to WordPress coding standards and industry best practices.

WordPress Plugin Repository

The plugin repository.

Utilising the official WordPress plugin repository is the most common way to launch your plugin for general release, as well as to link websites for automatic update notifications when new versions are released. If you’re selling your plugin at a premium cost, then other options are available to help achieve this.