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User Research

User research is the substance that steers UX design. Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, we’ll help your platforms, software and websites steer clear of rudderless experiences that leave users, customers and you without meaningful value.

UX Design Agency Research

Get to know user intent…

User experience research is about avoiding UX design decisions that get noticed by users for all the wrong reasons. That means adopting the right user research methods to uncover the right insight about the right people.

With methods including stakeholder and user interviews, analytics review, surveys, usability testing, plus user persona and user journey mapping, our work is founded on comprehensive research data informing purposeful UX design decisions.

UX Design Agency Consultancy and Workshopping

…better than your audience does

Customers don’t always know what they need. Often, all they know is they have a business problem that needs solving. The role of user experience research is to uncover the subtle motives behind customer engagement with your digital products.

That said, Illustrate Digital’s user research methods go beyond simply researching user motives. Through user testing and iterative development, we’ll tweak and hone your user experiences to ensure they effectively extend the right people’s goals.

EVOLVE methodology

Speak to us and we’ll tell you about our EVOLVE methodology that promotes growth through benchmark-defining principles developed by the British Design Council. Theory is one thing. Driving the right results in practice is another. That requires learning from interaction with real, unique users. That’s why we apply those fixed UX research principles in practical ways that map specific user and customer goals.

Put users first

We’ll help you create, scale and optimise user-centric experiences to implicitly tell your audiences that you know their goals and the time they’re investing are valuable to them.

Drive brand respect

Tailored digital experiences guided by methodical user research uplift brand respect. They also promote increased and sustained engagement across different channels.

Strengthen propositions

User research that drives more of the right people to key offerings also helps gather user and customer data, creating new opportunities for product and service proposition development.

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