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Trust Payments WooCommerce Plugin
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The Challenge.

Trust Payments is a powerful, UK-based alternative to the more well-known payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe, which allows WordPress site owners to process payments simply through the WooCommerce platform (typically at a lower transaction cost than its competitors). We’d been working with Trust Payments for a while, looking after the older version of their plugin that had been developed by a third party, when we began to explore the possibility of creating a new, improved and even more secure version of the plugin. The challenge was simple, take what we already have and make it better, slicker and most importantly, more secure.

What We Did.

Working with the in-house development team at Trust Payments, we started from scratch in detailing the must-have and must-do elements of the new plugin. We set about building a rock-solid solution with standard onsite payments and also 3D Secure Authentication options at its core. 3D Secure a security protocol that prevents fraud in transactions using credit and debit cards online.

Using our WordPress, WooCommerce and integration expertise we developed a new piece of tech for launch onto the WordPress Plugin Repository, working with the Trust Payments API and the WordPress REST API in order to process transactions securely.

Unlike its predecessor, this new payment plugin is built to include payment card tokenisation, allowing websites to save credit card tokens, to support repeat payments and subscription models within WordPress.

The plugin has been approved by WordPress and is live on the marketplace to use for free with WooCommerce (subject to an account with Trust Payments).

Trust Payments on WordPress Plugin Repository


Native Payments On Your Website.

Unlike more traditional payment gateways such as WorldPay and SagePay, the Trust Payments Plugin for WordPress allows site owners to take payments natively on their own website, without redirecting to a third party payment window. We worked hard to create the plugin this way in order to produce a slicker, faster payment process for site visitors.

Trust Payments WooCommerce Plugin

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