Our Team

Ian Brown

Back-End WordPress Developer


Tea and biscuits. That’s the strongest start to describing Ian, our resident Yorkshireman and lover of everything with gravy, not excluding his tea and biscuits. Ian (or Ianto to use his adopted Welsh name) is one of our Back-End WordPress Developers here at Illustrate. He joined us in early 2018 after a long career in management at Tesco Supermarkets and now produces some of the hottest code we’ve seen – well, every little helps. 😉

As part of our development team and specialising in PHP back-end, his WordPress knowledge has expanded hugely since joining our team and you’ll normally find him deep in code, problem-solving and producing really intuitive back-end functionality for our clients to use when easily updating their websites.

If you hadn’t noticed by our introduction to Ian, he’s certainly up for a bit of banter and has a great work ethic, nor does it take much to get him motivated and passionate about a development project [pour gravy here, or anywhere]. He’s a perfect fit to our busy team of dev experts.

Outside of the office, Ian is busy studying to complete his degree in Computing and IT, as well as spending quality time with his equally Northern wife, Helen. If you want to get Ian talking about something other than code or Yorkshire Tea, then he loves his two cats, Ethel and Mavis, with plenty of pictures to show you! :heart_eyes_cat: Not forgetting that he’s also a massive geek at heart and a big lover of shows and movies such as Dr Who and Star Wars.