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Consisting of heuristic evaluation, competitor analysis and accessibility review, our UX Expert Review service is about auditing your existing user experiences. Beyond that, it’s about leaving you with a firm benchmark for future UX projects while providing a clear roadmap for better-competing in your industry.

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What is a UX Design Agency

Is it understandable, useful, usable and competitive?

That’s the yardstick that will guide the different elements of heuristic evaluation, accessibility review and competitor analysis that go into Illustrate’s UX Expert Review.

Using an academic framework, we’ll score and benchmark the effectiveness and value of your user experiences in the contexts of critical UX conversion pillars, plus your competitive environment.

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Tailor your UX expert review to different contexts

No two UX Expert Reviews are the same. Different scenarios, industries, audiences, digital products and goals call for a different set of factors to place under review.
To cater for all that, we’ll work with you to identify key areas your UX expert review needs to focus on. That might be conversion rates, e-commerce checkouts, data and lead-capture forms, or overall customer experience.

HE, accessibility review, competitor analysis

The heuristic evaluation (HE), accessibility review and competitor analysis included in the UX Expert Review are underpinned by established UX design principles. They’re also informed by our own cumulative research and tested methods. By weighing formal principles against earned understanding, we’re able to flex our approach around a variety of objectives without losing a firm footing in proven, academic frameworks.

Overtake competitors

The total value of your digital user experiences contribute to overall competitiveness. We can enrich that UX value to overtake that of others in your industry.

Set a UX benchmark

Besides gains in conversion, experience and competitiveness, we’ll ensure that you’re left with a framework to benchmark against in future UX projects and tweaks.

Progress key UX factors

UX tweaks implemented following the recommendations we’ll deliver will build on and improve the state and performance of key UX factors.

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