What's all the fuss about WordPress?

Let's start with some of the stats!

Market share of the entire internet...

The chart above shows results for the WordPress market share of the entire internet, a whopping 52% of all websites are using the platform, according to results from BuiltWith in August 2017. It shows an overall love for the software, from websites novices, to small businesses, right through to the enterprise level. That’s 15 million or more, according to codeinwp.

Market share of the top 10k websites...

This time results for WordPress market share of the top 10,000 websites on the internet, still a pretty high percentage above the rest at 31% of all websites, according to results from BuiltWith in August 2017. Impressively it’s still the most popular software for some of the biggest websites on the internet – proving to be widely used for enterprise-level digital brands.

What we love about WordPress.

It’s open source.

WordPress is “open source” which means it’s a constantly evolving platform! Thankfully, the WordPress community is incredibly open too, with people sharing knowledge and experience which only adds to that ‘evolution’.

It’s incredibly versatile.

The possibilities in terms of visuals and functionality are endless, meaning it’s a great platform that can give handle however much you want to get from it. The WordPress framework lends itself to all sorts of development opportunities – the sky is the limit!

It’s simple, yet smart.

It’s built for usability. People like us can do all the complicated stuff, but there is plenty that anyone can learn… That’s great news for users who want to add their own products, publish blogs and make other simple content changes!

What makes us Specialists?


Always Learning.

WordPress is growing all the time, as a global team continue to work on it. As it’s constantly evolving, our team spends time growing and developing their skills so our clients can benefit from the latest industry developments.


Singular Focus.

Exclusively working within one platform gives us a singular focus as an agency. We don’t get distracted or dilute our time which benefits us and the brands we work with!


Personal Support.

Our WordPress Specialists are available to discuss any changes, updates or additional development you might need. From security updates to ongoing maintenance, our team is here to do it all!


100% WordPress.

As well as specialising in WordPress as a CMS, we also have committed ourselves to other WordPress-exclusive products such as WP Engine, WooCommerce and others!

“Can you be my WordPress Specialist Agency, please?”

If you’d like to talk more about WordPress, why not drop us a message here? Alternatively, you can call us on 02921 961661 or even drop in and see us for a cup of tea and biscuits at our Cardiff Bay studio!