Our Services

We’re a bunch of WordPress wizards and UX gurus, who’ve made our home right here in the UK. Everything we offer is built around enhancing your digital products and experiences, whilst adding value to you and your users. So, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and dive into our specialities.

You’re safe in expert hands

Most new clients who find Illustrate Digital aren’t getting one crucial thing: a specialist service that’s dedicated to them.

This is exactly what our approach and our relationships are geared towards. We want you to know we’ve got your back, that we’ll ask the tough questions, and together, we’ll produce some of the most engaging digital experiences.

What we do

Creating a new website, or building upon your existing platform, is an exciting undertaking. From well-considered user experiences through to easy content management, our team are here to make the process as enjoyable and impactful as possible for your brand.

Whether you’re looking to level-up your digital experience, embarking on a full-build project, or looking for a safe pair of expert hands to help you thrive into the future, below you’ll find an overview of the expertise we’ll deploy to help reach your marketing and technology goals.

User Experience Services

We've discovered that most apps and websites aren't designed with the user in mind. Shocking, but true! Placing emphasis on understanding your audience, and designing experiences that meet their needs, our user experience services help you unlock insights and engage your audience better.

Expert UX Review

Understand your benchmark and discover opportunities for greater engagement. Let our experts review your site, your competitors and the expectations of your users.


User Research (UR)

None of us know everything about our users. Delve into qualitative or quantative research to plan and design the most engaging, insight-driven user experiences.


User Experience (UX) Design

Is your content easy to find? Do your journeys flow smoothly? Let's prototype the best ways for your users to get from A to Z and everywhere in between.


User Interface (UI) Design

Draw your users in with intuitive, seamless and beautiful user interfaces. Let's create and prototype digital designs that your users will love.


User Experience (UX) Strategy

Don't feel like you have all the answers? That's okay. Work with our UX experts on the best approach, a clear strategy, and building out your roadmap.


User Testing

You've designed a great site or product, but what do the people who use it really think? User testing and analysis will uncover crucial insights about your UX.


WordPress Services

Before working with us, most brands are suffering with outdated technology, regular downtime, or a website that's difficult to publish content on. That's why our WordPress services are designed to give you flexibility, stability and empower you to build experiences engage your audience.

WordPress Development

An experienced development team you can have full confidence in. Our developers are skilled in high quality, high-performance and flexible WordPress solutions.


WordPress Audits

Not so sure your website is performing the way it should be? Put your mind at ease, align with best practices, and make sure your tech is secure with a WordPress audit.


WordPress Migrations

Need your existing content, data and media brought across to WordPress? Our team can help save time and stress by mapping and migrating.


WordPress Maintenance

Paying expert attention to your website, our maintenance and security methods combat downtime, hacking attempts and data loss. We've got your back.


Headless Development

Lightning fast performance, super scalability and content distribution. Headless WordPress development has a heap of benefits, let's help you unlock them.


Integrations & APIs

Wanting to hook WordPress up with a third-party service? Using the REST API, our PHP developers build powerful, customised integrations with WordPress.