About Scott.

Scott Jones - Illustrate Digital

Scott (the beard) is our Managing Director at Illustrate. Since starting the company in 2010, he’s had a very hands-on approach to running the day-to-day operations of our agency, from strategy to marketing, design to accounts.

As the majority shareholder of our company he cares deeply about our customers and the kind of work we produce as a web design agency. You’ll find him being quite picky about what we produce and inevitably winding everyone else up, but that’s his keen eye for detail at work and the perfectionist in him that can’t help coming to the surface!

More than making sure the company is running properly, Scott is a digital strategist and a regular writer and speaker on the benefits of using the WordPress platform, helping to explain how it can help in building a digital brand or business. He has spent the last 7 years developing his knowledge and experience in using, creating for and also contributing to WordPress software.

Outside of work Scott loves riding motorbikes, taking on that hairy biker look. He’s also a huge fan of Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey, watching the team play at Ice Arena Wales in Cardiff Bay.