Before any fruitful project begins, whether big or small, conversations need to happen that determine what success looks like when it’s complete.

It shocks us how many web designers and development agencies work for their clients without any objectives in mind, other than to get the work done.

So before our projects start, we ask a bunch of questions and help figure things out together. Some of the main things we look at are…

Web Development Strategy
Web Development Strategy
Web Development Strategy
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What’s the bigger picture?

It’s always good for us to learn about the needs of your brand and why the work is necessary. This is where strategy really shines through, especially when it comes to future-proofing our development work. Let’s get to know you, your business and the market you work in.

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What’s the right solution?

We’ve found that asking plenty of questions is highly successful in our agency. Asking questions about the strategy and the overall plan, allows us to use our specialist knowledge and experience to make sure the work we produce together will have the best possible outcome.

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How do we make it happen?

When strategy is nailed and success is defined, we make a plans for how the work will be carried out including specifications for design, development, testing and launch. Finally it’s time to set deadlines, identify any risks and ultimately make sure the work gets done.