Front-End Engineer

Kristin Eriksen


Originally from the stunning Scandinavian country of Norway, Kristin is part of the brilliantly precise front-end team at Illustrate Digital. Now based at our Bristol office she brings a lot of life, enthusiasm and plenty of laughs to the team.

Her work as a Front-End Engineer is highly important to our delivery of brilliant websites and software products. Front-end is the art of making a website look, work and interact as intuitively as possible for a wide range of audiences. This means that day-to-day her focus in on accessibility, interactivity and getting into the nitty gritty of button sizes, animations, making things work on all devices and plenty more detailed elements that make a site or software brilliant to use.

The work we do at Illustrate Digital is all about quality and building digital products with the end-user in mind. This is why Kristin fits in perfectly here. She is precise, meticulous, inquisitive and super positive!

Outside of work Kristin is a true tech nerd and spends her free time advancing her coding knowledge and encouraging other women to take up coding. When she’s away from her computer Kristin is also a big tea enthusiast and likes to explore different flavours and types of tea. And her desire to create new things doesn’t stop at the digital world, she also loves crafts and creating new things in the real world, too.

Written by Kristin Eriksen