These are all questions that you could be asking at the moment if you run a WordPress site on a small or large scale.

If you’re unsure of what next step to take and you need an outsider’s perspective on your plans as a business, then our development experts are here to help.

Our approach, and more specifically how we can help, is broken down a little more below for you…

WordPress Consultancy
WordPress Consultancy
WordPress Consultancy
Coffee & Conversation

Meeting or Video Chat.

Every journey starts with a no obligation chat with one of our team, in order to start gaining knowledge about your brand’s needs and how we can engage in helping you to grow. At this point we may introduce one of our WordPress developers to interpret technical information if required.

Growing your business

Research, Data & Insight.

Once we know how best to help, we find and use critical data to help provide a bigger picture of the answers you might need. For example this could be reviews of alternative platforms, conversations with WordPress specialists about their areas of expertise or delving into your site’s Analytics data.

Less Clicks, Bigger Sales

Targets & Recommendations.

We’ll let you know what we think, backed by experience and research, so you can make the best possible decision for your brand. It’s our job to empower you to choose. This can also include a plan of action for your next steps to reaching your development goals.

Examples of where our consultancy service can make a difference:

  • Considering whether WordPress is the best platform for the future of the brand, based on plans for growth.

  • Uncertainties and disputes within development teams or agencies where an impartial third-party assessment is needed.

  • Help with security, data or performance issues that need to be overcome in a sensitive and considered way.

  • Strategy for considering whether it’s right to get a new site, or keep with the current code and design.

  • Whether WordPress or WooCommerce is being utilised in the right way, from code to content management.