User Experience (UX) Strategy

To meet the expectations of today’s customers, UX strategy must be a key part of top-down business strategy. We can help develop your user experience strategy in a way that makes sense with the context of your identity, goals and target audiences.

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Creating your UX design strategy, for you and your audience

Although it may sound technical and complicated, UX strategy is actually pretty simple. We’re looking to figure out more about what your organisation is aiming to achieve, learn more about what your users are expecting to see, and create a strategy that aligns the two together.
The truth is, most organisations are creating websites and applications without thinking about their stakeholders, whether internal or external. A sure way to lead to frustration in the long term.
Working with you, the Illustrate Digital team can help create a solid UX strategy that helps plan out your technology, user journeys and conversions, whilst keepings your goals and desired outcomes directly in focus.

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Stakeholder analysis and user research, asking all the right questions

You know what you know, but you don’t know what you don’t know. A pretty obvious statement, for sure, but this is our job when it comes to UX strategy.
Once we’ve gotten a good grip on what your goals and aspirations are, it’s time for us to learn from your stakeholder, both internal and external. Depending on your appetite, we can carry out quantitative and qualitative research on your departments and colleagues, as well as your users and target audience.
Our UX Strategy projects also include detailed analysis weighing the effectiveness of the existing, wider user experiences your digital products offer, against market and user benchmarks and trends.
All of this plays back into creating an effective user experience strategy. It’ll help us to analyse data and sentiments, provide benchmarking, and enable you to make decisions based on real evidence.

Developing guidelines and toolkits to standardise your UX

Creating consistent designs that align with your brand and marketing can be one of the key challenges for organisations, especially at enterprise scale.
As part of your UX strategy, the Illustrate Digital team can help by planning and creating guidelines, principles and toolkits. These toolkits can help to standardise your user interfaces, maintain consistency, and keep everyone singing (or designing) from the same hymnsheet.
Your organisation may already have guidelines such as UI kits. If they’re in need of review or upgrade, we can certainly help there, too.

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