The Challenge.

Sometimes we want to tell a big, amazing story about how we saved the day, but for BIBO Water it’s a pretty simple tale! Their site was a few years old, running on the WooCommerce platform in WordPress and had become a little tired. The site wasn’t quite representing the brand or giving them quite the flexibility and good user journey needed to be able to maximise sales of their unique appliance. The BIBO is a sexy piece of kit, providing filtered hot and cold water at the press of a button, and so it needed a unique design that could draw out the beauty and simplicity of the equipment.

What we did.

The team were really excited to get their hands on this project, with minimal competition in the market for the BIBO, we knew we had the opportunity to do something pretty special. This started with a strategy session with the BIBO team, who’re based near Oxford, England – we presented ideas for the visual concept and user flow through the site and checkout process with good feedback flowing between teams.

From there we got to work, creating a bespoke solution with a large consideration on the character of the product, as well as the functionality of the website itself. The final product is a uniquely developed customer journey, based on the WooCommerce platform, having also transferred across all current customer and order data. The site can take one-off payments via Stripe, or Direct Debit payments via GoCardless, all built seamlessly into the checkout process. As a result BIBO have seen an uptake in purchases and subscriptions of 40%, creating a huge return on investment for the brand.

Our Services.

  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Digital Design
  • WooCommerce Development

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BIBO Water Home Page


BIBO Water UX Design


BIBO Water Comparison Page


BIBO Water Select Options Page in WooCommerce


BIBO Water Mobile Website
BIBO Choose Options in WooCommerce
BIBO Water Checkout Process in WooCommerce

Custom Iconography.

As part of our concept for the visual identity of the BIBO and its accessories, we created these fun, character-filled icons that you’ll find across the site. From sections to explain more about the appliance, right through to the small details like the cart or social media icons. We love the way these hand-drawn icons make the site feel in line with their brand.

“We’re super happy with the look, feel and functionality of the new BIBO website. It’s great to work with a team who are enthusiastic and who were happy to accommodate our ambition for the future, whilst also challenging us on our thinking to get the right results. Would highly recommend Illustrate Digital for great design, development, communication and a brilliant end result.”

Mim Donoghue

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