WooCommerce Development

A silky smooth website experience is key to unlocking greater online sales, and that’s exactly what our WooCommerce developers are here to help you achieve. Make the most of your e-commerce platform with seamless integrations, improved performance and considered approach to your customer experience.

Why Hire Us? Expert WordPress Development

Proudly developing e-commerce solutions for the world’s two biggest platforms of their kind.

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Developing your online sales.

For e-commerce brands who are forward thinking and who understand the value of digital, WooCommerce is a great platform on which to expand; a platform on which 22% of all the world’s online stores are built.* A thriving online store is often one that can provide the smoothest process to its customers with the best automation for in-house operations.

At Illustrate Digital, we’re experienced in developing WooCommerce websites that see revenue results into millions of pounds. Providing flexibility, security and great user experiences, we’re an agency that can help get the return on investment you’re looking for.

*results from BuiltWith data 2019

WooCommerce Customisation Development

Flexibility and customisation.

Like WordPress itself, this is a platform built for flexibility and expansion. At Illustrate Digital, we’re creating powerful customisations to checkout processes, subscription models and customer account areas. WooCommerce is built to expand and we’re here to help for brands looking to improve sales of a few products, or scale up to 500k products and beyond.

Conversion Rates in WooCommerce

Created to convert.

The core WooCommerce software and its inherent user journey are both created to convert. Enhancing this further with bespoke user experience design and uniquely displaying your product range, you’re well on your way to meeting the conversion goals of your business and turning viewers into customers.

Online Shopping with WooCommerce

Global potential.

WooCommerce is filled with search engine friendly code and a great URL structure, so you’re geared up for great marketing potential. With complex delivery, pricing, tax calculations, shipping methods and APIs available, you’re able to sell to anyone across the world on a platform you can trust.

Integrate with Accounts and Marketing

Integrate with Marketing and Accountancy Tools.

WooCommerce alone is a powerful tool, but when hooked up with your own business systems, it becomes an efficiency powerhouse. Link your payment, accountancy, distribution or marketing software to extend the possibilities of this platform.

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Migrate to WooCommerce

Platform migrations.

Are you currently operating on another eCommerce platform? Migrating to WooCommerce is not as painful as you probably think. Put your trust in the hands of our expert team to guide you through the process and migrate across your products, orders, inventory and customer data.

WooCommerce Development

Join 32% of the internet.

With all the features you’ll need, such as order and stock management, sales reporting, user management, discount coupon management and customer invoice records, WooCommerce not only does the basics, but it does them well for free.

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Case studies in WooCommerce development

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Wunda Trade —
Raising the bar with a market leader.

We teamed up with Wunda to improve user experience to make it easier for customers to purchase their products.

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DevOpsGroup —
An agile approach to WooCommerce.

The task for the team at Illustrate Digital was to create a brand new website to help launch The DevOpsGroup Academy.

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Trust Payments —
The official plugin for WooCommerce.

We worked with the team at Trust Payments to create a new, improved and even more secure version of their plugin.

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