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About Countingup

Countingup is the UK’s #1 small business banking and accounting app, designed for sole traders, limited companies, and their accountants. 

Founded in 2017, this rapidly scaling FinTech’s vision was fed by a frustration of seeing small businesses losing so much time with inefficient banking and accounting systems. Countingup’s founder Tim Fouracre, daydreamed about a new category of business app that would help entrepreneurs simplify, automate, and save time and money on their bookkeeping. 

The app helps to make running a small business simple and more enjoyable. The idea of having your banking and accounting all in one place, and working together, allows you to focus more on growing your business and not spending countless evenings managing your accounts.

Our Work Together

Countingup sought a skilled WordPress agency to help take their established website experience to a new level. Working with the world’s most popular CMS, the new site needed to help the Countingup marketing team to benefit from a flexible content management solution. As a scale-up with big plans for the future, any new site would need to be adaptable and scalable just like the business itself.

Equal to the content management system’s ease-of-use, the new design also needed to offer a smooth, effortless and informative experience for this FinTech bank’s customers. The intentionally short user experience is aimed at optimising a visitor’s journey; from landing on the site, to signing up and downloading the app as quickly and easily as possible, allowing the product to speak for itself.

Initial workshops with key stakeholders allowed us to gain insight into the needs of customers and create a strategic roadmap for the project and its outcomes. 

This brought a unique front-end experience together with a strong and secure technical infrastructure. High-quality and well-tested development needed to meet the standards of both the banking world and the WordPress VIP hosting platform.

When it came to content management, we consulted with the in-house team at Countingup and decided that the relatively new Gutenberg editor technology in WordPress would be a perfect fit. Unlike a large number of traditional WordPress sites, Gutenberg provides a block-based approach to content management, meaning that creating new pages to show off new features or run new marketing campaigns is a quick and freeing experience.

This new site, with its previous data migrated from the Webflow CMS that they’d outgrown, offers flexibility and growth opportunities that Countingup have begun building their future marketing success upon.

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Countingup Bank website
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The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor, which was released less than a year before this project began, has changed the marketing and content management experience forever. Using it as part of this project allows the team at Countingup the opportunity to write rich content posts and build new page layouts in just a few clicks.

Trusting us to implement the new technology well, Countingup has been able to benefit from a more powerful, more efficient and more flexible content tool that’s helping to shape their future.

Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

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