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Technology Connected chose us from a selection of leading Welsh digital agencies, to build their new website.


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Partnering with Technology Connected

The new website platform created together will further champion tech brands and help to promote social and economic growth in Wales. Having rebranded from ESTnet to Technology Connected in 2020, the leading tech not-for-profit organisation needed a way to raise the profiles of its members and provide a platform for tech news, events and incentives in Wales and beyond.

Building Technology Connected

Having chosen Illustrate Digital from a selection of leading Welsh digital agencies, the work to build the new Technology Connected website required careful planning to achieve a user-first focus and provide flexibility and scalability for publishing new content.

This is where the WordPress content management platform has proven to be a powerful tool, with a block-based design providing 26 different content options that align with the new Technology Connected brand and are flexible to be used across the site.

A crucial piece of tech for this new website was to showcase members, membership options and events, as well as have the ability to collect and manage user data for marketing purposes. Integrating their community management platform, we were able to utilise the GlueUp API to provide functionality to streamline event organisation and memberships.

The end result is a dynamic new website that builds upon the vision and purpose of the Welsh technology community organisation, helping to make Wales a centre of excellence for tech brands.

Technology Connected Website in Wales
Technology Connected Membership Website

GlueUp Integration

GlueUp, formerly EventBank, is a simple but effective online platform that is used to streamline community management. The official GlueUp API makes it easy to integrate with the software to share data between the website and Technology Connected’s day-to-day business tool. The custom integration has provided the ability to push and pull data from the API to easily create and promote events, customise membership options, showcase members and more.

GlueUp WordPress Integration
Technology Connected Mobile Website in WordPress
Technology Connected Membership Benefits
Technology Connected Membership Website

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