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Learn how we partnered with Wales’ leading PR agency to design and launch their new website that puts their reputation at the forefront, and emphasises a UX optimised for lead generation. Our ongoing partnership with Golley Slater combines the best of brand and advertising expertise with unparalleled digital experience production.


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Wales’ best advertising, multiplied by Wales’ best UX

Alastair Golley first set up shop in Cardiff in 1957. Now known as Golley Slater, the agency has grown to become one of the UK’s most well-known advertising and PR firms, serving brands like Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi, Welsh Government, and Nationwide Building Society.

Perhaps one of the agency’s biggest claims to fame is its creation of the British Airways Executive Club (as it’s now known), developed for the UK’s biggest airline to grow loyalty amongst its customers, and still in operation worldwide today.

As the two providers of choice for many of Wales’ biggest brands and beyond, the synergy between Golley Slater and Illustrate Digital was always apparent. Over the years, we’ve jointly undertaken ambitious projects like Business Wales, achieving significant successes through our collaborations. Therefore, when Golley Slater identified a need for a new website, Illustrate Digital was the natural choice to bring their vision to life!

So, when Golley Slater identified a need for a new website for their own brand, Illustrate Digital was the natural choice to bring their vision to life!

A revitalised digital identity for Golley Slater

After diversifying their expertise through the acquisition of several specialist agencies, Golley Slater found their brand requirements had naturally evolved over time. In response, they undertook a comprehensive internal rebranding and repositioning strategy. The objective was to accurately represent their expanded service portfolio and adapt to a dynamic marketplace.

The updated brand identity drove the need for a new face in the digital world, and that’s where Illustrate Digital stepped in. Plans for a new website that reflected the updated Golley Slater brand would be focused on showing off their exceptional work, and streamlining the processes around how clients make contact.

Bringing Golley Slater’s creative vision to life with insightful UX consultation

Initially, our UX team embarked on an in-depth phase of competitor and user research. Our objective was to pinpoint the specific digital requirements of the client’s industry. Additionally, we assessed the engagement patterns of Golley Slater’s diverse customer base, including both B2B and B2C segments.

The research phase yielded compelling insights, which became invaluable in steering successful creative decisions throughout the project. These insights not only confirmed the validity of Golley Slater’s brand direction but also highlighted opportunities where user experience could be enhanced.

While Golley Slater brought a vivid creative vision to the table, it’s up to our team of UX designers to deliver a successful translation into an effective website UI design system. This mapped out the way forward to a very bespoke, user-centric solution that perfectly aligns with their newly reimagined brand identity, and delivers on the main project requirements.

Meeting the needs of a diverse audience

Understanding the unique needs of Golley Slater’s audience was a cornerstone in our website development strategy. The site caters to a range of user goals, from prospective clients seeking to initiate new projects, to new talent exploring career opportunities within the company.

For users looking for services, the website is much more than a service listing. It offers a number of ways to facilitate quick and seamless enquiries, while also providing detailed and accessible information. This includes insights into the sectors served, key clients, and an extensive portfolio of case studies to represent the breadth of knowledge and skills of Golley Slater. The goal is to enable potential clients to not only actively engage with the available services but also to get inspired on how they could elevate their own advertising efforts.

When it comes to talent acquisition, Golley Slater’s captivating case studies serve as a compelling recruitment tool. These are not just accounts of successful projects; they encapsulate the company’s culture and provide tangible insights into what it’s like to be part of the Golley Slater team. This is built on with a visual timeline highlighting the agency’s heritage, along with the endorsements of highly respected testimonials from global brands to tell the full story of the brand.

Ultimately, the website aims to be a facilitator to all users, helping them accomplish their specific objectives; whether that means discovering new service and collaboration opportunities, charting a career path, or simply seeking inspiration.

A modular design system for precision content marketing

We developed a UI design system deeply rooted in Golley Slater’s brand ethos. The system comprises of flexible content blocks and reusable components, designed to offer a scalable, efficient solution for content creation. This framework allowed for flexibility where required, whilst making it easy for content creators to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

By providing a range of diverse content component blocks, it frees-up the content creators to target different audience types in new and inspiring ways. An effective example of this was the creation of call to action content blocks that could be placed anywhere on any page, creating new opportunities to easily communicate with the team.

Transforming Golley Slater’s digital presence with bespoke WordPress development

While visually appealing, their previous site built on WordPress was an example of form overshadowing function in some areas. The initial implementation lacked efficiency and a focus on conversion, making content management cumbersome and affecting the overall user experience.

We extended WordPress by developing a number unique content blocks and custom site options to solve these issues and empower the Golley Slater team. Our primary aim was to simplify content management, and ensure that they can take full ownership and control of the site’s content.

One additional requirement was the need for a multilingual setup that supported both English and Welsh. We have developed multilingual sites many times, and understand the challenges the client faces with this. We implemented a seamless content editing experience that not only allows for easy toggling between languages but also works harmoniously with the site’s creatively rich UI.

Simplifying the backend with custom development was only part of the solution. It takes an experienced team to deliver a visually rich user interface that’s fully editable, whilst ensuring the site loads quickly and provides an accessible experience to all visitors. The end result is a WordPress site that aligns with Golley Slater’s brand vision while being exceptionally user-friendly and conversion-oriented. It’s not just a website; it’s a strategic tool designed to meet specific business objectives.

Headshot of Jonny Allbut, Head of Experience at Illustrate Digital

“Collaborating with Golley Slater has been a phenomenal journey for the team that illustrates what’s possible when two industry leaders come together. We’ve combined inspiring creative design, cutting-edge UI and UX along with some fantastic WordPress development to achieve the perfect blend of creativity and technology. We’re proud to have played a part in bringing Golley Slater’s vision to life, and equally excited about the tangible business results this new platform is poised to deliver.”

Jonny Allbut, Head of Experience