User Interface Design (UI), prototyping for accurate design decisions

User interface (UI) design is all about how your product looks and feels. With a focus on ease of use, navigability, and overall user experience, find out how we can help with designing and improving any digital, user-facing product.

User Interface Design Service

Designing intuitive, on-brand website applications

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you care about the digital experience on offer to your website visitors or app users, and that’s no surprise! The more intuitive you make a user journey, and the easier it is to interact with, the more successful your brand and marketing will be.
The goal of user interface design (UI design) is to make the user’s experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible. To achieve this, our designers carefully consider the user’s needs and objectives.
At Illustrate Digital our experts can help you maximise the success of your products and services by implementing better digital experiences.

Low Fidelity Prototyping - UI Design

Low-Fidelity Prototyping

All of our best ideas begin with low-fidelity prototyping. It’s a UI design technique that lets us quickly create mockups and explore different user journey ideas.
Low-fi means we can explore multiple ideas without getting bogged down in too much detail, helping us to pick out the best ideas in a pretty short space of time.
There’s no branding to be found here, we’re purely focused on simplifying the user experience and understanding how to get your users through to your site’s critical pages as smoothly as possible.
Learn more about Low Fidelity Prototypes.

High Fidelity Prototyping Design Service

High-Fidelity Prototyping

The hi-fi prototyping stage gives a true and interactive representation of how applications and websites will look once launched. This will be your chance to benchmark UI designs against your desired visual brand identity.
Creating high-fidelity prototypes helps us to test the UI design and UX flow of your site or app before development begins.
These UI designs are interactive mockups that look and feel like your final product. They include all of the UI elements such as buttons, menus, and icons, as well as bringing your branding to life in the digital world.
Learn more about High Fidelity Prototypes.

Creating a UI Kit for Digital Design

User Interface (UI) Kits

At Illustrate Digital we create user interface (UI) kits as an essential part of your website or app development process. Your UI kit helps make sure your digital experience is consistent and user-friendly.
The kits we create include things like buttons, typography, icon rules, input fields, and other graphical elements. They’re not only useful for web design, but often end up informing your wider digital estate.
By using the same set of elements throughout, people will have an easier time navigating, using and getting familiar with your brand and its website. This drives more sales, enquiries and helps people to find what they’re looking for.

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Collaborate with our UI experts in real-time with Figma

Working and collaborating with our UX experts is effortless thanks to Figma, the market-leading UI design tool. Access Figma in your own time, from anywhere in the world, to view, comment on and steer the design process.

Influence final design outcomes

At both low-fi and hi-fi prototyping stages, we’ll give you full visibility of your designs, encouraging you to have your say and collaborate with us on the end user experience.

Achieve buy-in from multiple stakeholders

Besides giving you intuitive feedback visibility, high fidelity prototyping is also the simplest way of helping other project stakeholders evaluate and buy into emerging design concepts.

Interact with products, pre-launch

UI designs at the prototyping stage are more than just visual mockups. You’ll have fully functional, interactive, clickable prototypes that simulate the final user experience.

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