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Discover how we’ve planned, developed and now support the ambitious creative vision of Positive Intelligence. Our collaboration resulted in a digital platform that not only looks exceptional, but also focuses on strong SEO functionality, long-term adaptability and empowers the brand to deeply engage with their audience.


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Navigating the mindset of performance & wellbeing with Positive Intelligence

In an era where mental resilience is at a premium and stress is rife, Positive Intelligence serves as a guiding light, steering both individuals and companies towards a path of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing. It’s not merely about coping with life’s challenges, but flourishing amidst them. The company’s vision is to cultivate a society in which mental well-being is as universally embraced and practised as physical health is at present.

Here’s where it gets particularly intriguing: the greatest obstacles often originate within our own minds. With Positive Intelligence’s research-backed tools, we can learn to silence these self-imposed limitations, effectively bridging the gap between performance and emotional wellbeing for businesses and individuals alike.

Creating a new vision and communication platform

In the midst of a rebranding process, Positive Intelligence found themselves at a critical crossroads. The existing content management system had served its purpose, but was struggling under the weight of the brand’s dynamic evolution and growing community engagement. This wasn’t just about a facelift; it was about a wholesale transformation that would fuel Positive Intelligence’s future growth.

Whilst the business, the brand and their marketing were evolving, the old website had reached its limits in terms of scalability and functionality. A new, easier way of publishing content consistently was needed, alongside the flexibility for the website to improve and scale over time to fully realise and communicate the brand’s new voice and direction.

WordPress emerged as the natural choice to replace their current CMS. Renowned for its scalability and flexibility, it would offer an intuitive content editing experience to empower content editors to publish and manage content efficiently.

Establishing a strategic partnership for success

After the team had identified WordPress as an optimum CMS to build on, the next step was to identify a highly skilled team capable of translating the new creative vision into reality… enter Illustrate Digital!

Positive Intelligence recognised us as one of the leading enterprise-level WordPress specialists, and after some extensive screening we were selected as their development partner. Whilst their main operations are based in the US, their team work in varying time zones globally. This would be no problem for us; our proven experience of working with international brands across varying time zones matched up well with their remote working policy, setting the stage for a productive collaboration.

From the outset, it was evident both parties were not just aligned in professional objectives, but also shared a strong rapport. This synergy laid the foundation for the success that followed as we progressed through the project together.

A shared vision of delivering a user-first website experience

One of the reasons we hit it off so well with Positive Intelligence was rooted in our shared commitment and appreciation of creating engaging and intuitive user experiences. When we embark on any project, we don’t just implement, we consult and collaborate to elevate user engagement. By collaborating and sharing expertise, we aim to break down barriers and deliver effortless interactions for users.

Positive Intelligence and their UI designers were highly invested in making this happen, and they brought a wealth of creative thinking and design into the mix. This was an excellent fit with our internal UX and technical expertise. And from the onset of this project, we worked together to fully realise their brand vision without compromising its integrity, enabling them to deliver a unique experience to their users.

How great UX and UI combines to build a unique WordPress website

A well-orchestrated combination of UX and UI design not only enhances user experience, but also significantly streamlines the CMS process for the client. The development of the Positive Intelligence website serves as a prime example of this harmony.

By harnessing our expertise in extending the WordPress platform, the new website offers a visually captivating, on-brand user interface. This aesthetic appeal is powered by bespoke, block-based content editor functionality, designed to empower their content creators. This makes website publishing and edits not just quicker, but also highly intuitive.

Designing a website that impresses from the outset is an achievement, but the real triumph is establishing a platform that empowers multiple content managers to produce and publish visually cohesive and brand-aligned content with ease. Since its launch, the marketing team at Positive Intelligence has been able to build on this strong foundation, consistently rolling out new content to appeal to their users.

From project to partnership – our ongoing commitment

If you’ve read this far, you’ll have learned that we’re committed to crafting solutions that are not just effective today, but also sustainable for the long term. This future-ready sentiment extends to the relationships we cultivate with our clients. Our collaboration with Positive Intelligence stands as a testament to this principle, with our relationship extending beyond the initial project requirements. We’re not just invested in their present; we’re equally committed to their future growth.

From the strong foundation provided in the initial development phase, a range of new cost-effective opportunities to extend the CMS have been available to Positive Intelligence that far surpass what was available in their previous CMS. As the company scales, and its technological needs evolve, we’ve continued to consult on UX, whilst providing the technical expertise to develop new, feature-rich components to extend the site further.

Our partnership with Positive Intelligence is more than just a project; it’s a mutual journey towards creating a future where workplaces are emotionally intelligent environments. It’s a collaboration built on trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to innovation. We take great pride in contributing to the Positive Intelligence mission to build more emotionally intelligent workplaces.

James Barton - CTO at Positive Intelligence

“Having looked across multiple vendors in the WordPress arena, Illustrate Digital were chosen due to their excellent work history. They worked tirelessly throughout our engagement, and their customer focus and drive for perfection have made us stand out. Their customer-focused approach, management style, and drive remain unparalleled, and their communication and project management flow are exceptional.”

James Barton, CTO