Ever wondered how to build a website?

Ever wondered how to build a website?

If you have ever wondered how websites work, or what’s involved in making them tick, there are so many great options to learn from.

The very best way to learn about web development and how a website comes together would be to get a little bit hands-on.

One of my favourite sources for this kind of information is a website called Codecademy and it’s a startup aimed at educating the world about website building techniques. They are a wonderful company who work with schools and individuals to teach skills that are becoming more and more important these days.

The website is geared around teaching you at your level and pace with incredibly well-designed interactive tutorials including one that will take you through building a basic website. The site is extremely simple and great for beginners.

If you would like an even simpler experience that just teaches you the fundamentals of what code is in plain, simple english then you might want to try their Hour of Code app which is designed to teach you the fundamentals in – you guessed it – one hour!

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