Some Inspiration for your Startup Business…

Some Inspiration for your Startup Business…

As a business owner Christmas doesn’t just mean festivities and family. This is often a time of the year when we look back at the successes, failures and challenges of the past 12 months.

Regardless of whether your business year was a complete success or you are re-evaluating your model the best thing you can do is look back, learn your lessons and use those to move forward in 2015.

I am also a huge advocate of learning from the experience of others – and who better than some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world?

While looking for inspiration for my new year I came across a fantastic article with a list of 15 videos containing tips, advice and pitfalls to avoid – all presented by the likes of Richard Branson, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos.

So why not spend some time and get some great inspiration by heading over to HongKiat and have a great 2015!

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