The little piece of tech that adds value to your life…

The little piece of tech that adds value to your life…

Say hello to the UP24 by Jawbone. This little piece of tech genius has a really clever way of adding value to your life and speaks of next generation, wearable technology.

It’s made by Jawbone and is available in various sizes, it connects to an app on your iPhone and helps to monitor your sleep patterns, eating habits, movements throughout the day and gives helpful tips tailored to you such as the types of food that you could do with eating to keep you healthy and active.

I’ve been wearing one of these cool little devices for the past week or so and it has seriously changed the way I live each day. I’m always surprised by how little I actually get around during the day, how little sleep I get and how much of the right foods I don’t eat.

jawbone-up24-sync-580-100How does it work? Well, pretty awesomely! But for real it’s fitted with an accelerometer that tracks and records your movements, both in walking and in sleep. Then it connects over low-energy bluetooth to your mobile phone to sync with the app wirelessly; including when the app tells the band what time to wake you up, or vibrate when you need to get up and go around for a walk.

It doesn’t even stop at that! One of the coolest little ideas, specifically related to the app, is that you can set goals on important but simple things like how many glasses of water you drink each day.

“So where can you get a piece of this revolutionary technology,” I hear you ask…? You can find them here on Amazon, who are currently selling them in the UK for the best price I can find.

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