In January of this year a great opportunity came our way to support a key organisation in Wales. Ahead of the official release for the Leading Marketers Dinner in Cardiff, we’re proud to announce a partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Wales, to co-sponsor this event alongside Liberty Marketing.

The event itself is being held on 28th March 2019 at Cardiff and County Club. The dinner is a well-organised round table event aimed at senior marketers, academics, practitioners and other C-suite business leaders who share an active interest in marketing. As well as a talk from a high-profile marketing leader, the event will also be a great place to stimulate healthy conversation about our industry, compare notes and get to know other marketing leaders.

For Illustrate Digital this is the perfect partnership, attached to an event that we’re looking forward to attending too.

Our work is aimed at empowering marketing managers and marketing directors to get the most efficient use out of their website platform, as well as to create sites that convert and provide results. That’s what makes this sponsorship a perfect fit for our industry.

To book into this event, or find out more information, you can visit: