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The Client

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce (AWTCC) is an organisation that supports exporters and freight forwarders to obtain the correct documentation, so they can get their products to the international market faster.

They have a complex offering, providing services to three different audiences, with multiple different solutions available for each.

The Project

The AWTCC needed a full rebuild of their  website and a migration to WordPress. They’d outgrown a popular drag-and-drop builder’s basic functionality and were in need of a more robust, content-oriented system that was easier to manage.

Their content had become cumbersome for both their internal teams and their end users. The site had become hard to navigate, with lots of drop off between the first target page and their conversion pages. And, adding new pages only worsened to the problem.

We performed an initial UX audit – including Heuristics, Accessibility, Competitors, and Google Analytics – to inform us of user behaviour and the needs of the site. Then, we built the site and design using real data to empower the user journey.

The Challenge(s)

Having multiple different users’ journeys inside one site can be complicated. Even if the AWTCC seems like a “niche” service, there’s a lot of content needed with lots of potential variations. An Exporter looking for a Certificate has much different needs and intents than a Freight Forwarder looking to learn more about Partnerships.

In fact, this challenge felt so complex that the AWTCC team contemplated building 3 individual websites before speaking to us.

The difficulty in navigating this is compounded by the fact that, because they act like a government body, the AWTCC also doesn’t have ‘competitors’ in the traditional sense. This makes it harder to benchmark user journeys and behaviour against similar sites.  Luckily, we have a great in-house Experience team that can navigate these tricky problems! 

The Exciting Bit

The exciting part of this project was really in discovering how to simplify these problems. How do you take lots of essential, complex information and make it accessible within a few clicks?

We did this by focusing on answering 2 important questions:

  1. What has someone come to the site for?
  2. How do we get them there in a frustration-free way?

This allowed us to build an experience – and, really, an entire website – that put accessibility at the forefront and could answer the questions of multiple users, on the same page, without them feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information.

You can learn more about how we did this, and why the AWTCC is such an exciting client, in our profile over on our Blog:

How The AWTCC Uses WordPress To Power America’s Export Economy 

Rachel Davies, project manager at Illustrate

Project Hero

“Rach PM was absolutely essential with this project, coming in part-way through and seamlessly picking it up and helping the production team. She was especially key for managing the schedules and client communication with the difficulty of such a big timezone difference, and keeping us all on-track despite the differences :)”
Rachel Du Val, Specialist UX/UI Designer & User Researcher

Rachel Davies - Project Manager

The Results

This reduced friction has allowed the AWTCC to grow their Certifications by 20% year-on-year. And, the WordPress blocks and templates have made it easier for their teams to add pages to the site without creating confusion or complexity.