I’ve been having a think here at Illustrate, sometimes we forget to tell new clients how they can get the best out of us. Maybe we’re shy, maybe we don’t want to offend a brand new client, but the truth is that a message like this is crucial!

So I thought it’d be awesome to share my top 5 ways to get the best out of your web design agency.

Here goes…

1. We want to hear your voice.

We want to hear your thoughts, your dreams, your goals, and the vision for your business, as well as what you want out of your website. Knowing these things will help us better understand what you want out of your website, and get vision for it as a design and development team.

We actually get excited and are passionate about helping you accomplish your goals and vision for your business.

2. We want to see you become more successful.

As we help you accomplish your goals and vision for your business or organisation through your new website design, we hope that it grows and becomes more successful.

When you win, we win. And we want to grow and work with you for years to come, not just for this one project.

So relax into this, lean into us, let us become a part of you and a part of your successes.

3. We want to be trusted.

We are WordPress experts, we have built our careers and business from designing and developing websites through the medium of WordPress. We are passionate about being the best in our fields, as individuals and as a team.

We wouldn’t tell a tree surgeon how to remove a tree, a steelworker how to pickle steel, or michelin star chef how to make their signature dish, we go to them to ask their advice, their expertise. We ask the best way to cut down a tree, what kind of steel to buy, what dish the chef recommends.

Your agency will thrive when you ask “what’s the best way to do this?” And be open to our professional opinion.

4. We want to do things on time.

We want to meet our deadlines for getting work done, and sites launched on time. A key part to seeing that happen is making sure your response time is as prompt as possible. This is a big part of why we at Illustrate see our relationships with clients as a team partnership because it is so crucial we work together.

When content or feedback is requested, the quicker we can get the information back from you the sooner we can keep work moving forward.

Deadlines aren’t just for us, they’re for you too! We’re all busy, but giving the website and its content your time and attention will get the very best out of it.

5. We love creativity, beauty, and utility.

We love good art, math, and science, we love things that are beautiful and have a use, and we love it when things just work and we love being able leverage these things to help us build better websites.

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas in this area as well, so we can work together to creatively build the best website to communicate and inform your clients. If we become too restricted in this it stifles creativity and we aren’t able to work to our full potential.

So to sum it up…

In everything we do, web design, WordPress development, or anything else we help you with, we’re your partners, your own web development team. But more than that, we’re thought leaders in our field.

In fact if we’re really honest, as an agency, we won’t just sit back and do everything we’re told. We care enough to tell you our expert opinions on the best ways forward for your business in a digital age.

The biggest way to get the best out of your agency is to be open to this leadership, it makes all the difference!