Our Team

Jeff Long

Back-End WordPress Engineer


Jeff is one of our Back-End WordPress Developers at Illustrate Digital. He lives and breathes PHP, with over 20 years of experience as a developer, it’s second nature for Jeff to produce intuitive back-end functionality. He’s always had a passion for code and is even self-taught! 

Jeff has worked on producing great results for a variety of industries, including; B2B, music, sports and online gaming. He loves a technical challenge and takes great pride in building new solutions and providing reliable products which work well for whoever will be using and managing them. His wealth of experience, knowledge and super quick troubleshooting makes him a fantastic addition to our excellent development team. 

Inevitably, you’ll find Jeff working on code in his spare time, because he just can’t get enough. He’s even created online games for his children using his spare time! Jeff has an abundance of interests including: riding his motorbike, looking after his many animals (we should call him Noah), and even has time to be an avid vegetable grower.

And for a bonus fun fact about Jeff… His personal mission is to produce the best-tasting cucumber he possibly can. It’s random for sure, but it’s good to have a vision! If you have any tips, be sure to let him know.