WordPress Migrations

Whether you’re upgrading your existing WordPress site, or migrating from an entirely different platform, our expert-led WordPress migrations will help with planning and delivering a smooth migration. Find out more about how the Illustrate Digital team can help to deliver your migration with ease.

Why Hire Us? WordPress Development Services

Smooth WordPress migrations, performed by the experts

So you’re looking to take advantage of everything WordPress has to offer? Great move. Of course, just like moving house, migrating your website’s posts, pages, users and other data has the potential to be one of the most stressful parts of the process.
Fortunately, that’s not the case when you’re migrating your website with Illustrate Digital’s team of WordPress experts. We’re here to help you map out a plan for a successful migration and carry out your move with precision and eloquence.
Having carried out heaps of successful migrations from platforms like Sitecore, Webflow, Drupal and many more, you’re in safe hands.

An illustration of a WordPress website migration

An illustration showing different elements of an enterprise WordPress agency's toolkit

Redeveloping your website on the WordPress platform

There are many reasons to redevelop your website on WordPress: improve performance, reduce development costs, increase flexibility, publish content more easily. Whatever your reason for choosing WordPress, you’ll need an experienced development team to make best use of the platform.
As an enterprise WordPress agency we can help you to architect, develop, migrate and launch your new website, ensuring that every step of the process is handled with care and precision.
We’re here to help you make best use of your budget, whilst making the transition as sleek and simple as possible.

Migrating your data across to WordPress

If you’re operating an existing website, you’ve no doubt worked hard to create content that meets your user’s needs. The last thing you want is to lose or bury this content in the process of moving to your new website.
Every website and CMS is structured differently, and so it’s important for us to plan how your content will map between your old and new websites, in order to make the migration as seamless as possible.
The development and infrastructure teams at Illustrate Digital will help you to organise and migrate your content, including: posts and post types, products, categories, case studies, media libraries and more.

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The WordPress migration experts, migrating from other popular CMS platforms

What's covered in a WordPress website migration with Illustrate Digital?

It's important to arm you with the right information to help you make great decisions. This is how we've structured our audits and the insights they uncover. Let's take a look at what's covered as part of our WordPress website audit process.

Planning and mapping

It's certainly true that good preparation leads to less perspiration. This is exactly the sort of approach we take to WordPress website migrations. Every CMS platform is different, and so it's important we look into the possibilities of how to migrate your data cleanly in advance. We'll spend time upfront planning and testing the migration, before properly diving in.

CMS development

Developing websites using the WordPress content management system is our bread and butter at Illustrate Digital. If your migration requires a rebuild of your existing website, then look no further than our experienced developers. Using our proven framework, we'll get to work on implementing your new website and helping you reap the benefits of WordPress.

Migration and testing

This is where our great planning pays off. When your new site is built and tested, it's time to migrate your data across. It's a process we exercise with caution, migrating and testing small amounts to make sure everything is working as expected. With any snags out of the way, we carry on through to migrate your entire library of content and media. Happy days!