Our Team

Melin Edomwonyi

Director of Product


Melin (or “Mel-Dawg” if you want to use her rapper name) is our Director of Product at Illustrate Digital, which means she’s responsible for all project delivery and making sure our sites feel good for people to use. A general legend, if you will.

She comes with background full of design experience, having worked on a lot of Ferrero projects with brands like Nutella, Kinder Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher, as well a over a decade of work with businesses large and small.

As the third member we added to our team, Mel brings a lot of fun, laughter and prettiness to Illustrate Digital. She cares deeply about the work she does and how that affects our client’s end-users.

Every web design project is another opportunity to add value to a brand and how they present to the world – this pushes Melin to consistently create our strongest designs to build better websites to display them!

Melin is originally from Turkey which means she’s passionate about food and cooking, even making her own natural yoghurt! She’s also the host of CreativeMornings in Cardiff, a monthly meet-up of creatives from in and around the city. Melin lives her life as a social media queen and also loves going to the theatre in her time off.