Blogging efficiently – work on the go with WordPress…

blogging-efficientlyAlmost every website we build and most websites will use the built-in blog function of WordPress. This is a great way to keep your customers up to date about your business, tips to help their business, freebies, any website design you may be working or anything else that engages clients in a real way.

The difficulty I always find is finding the time to do it. We all know how busy we are and trying to do a blog at a certain time each week can be difficult so I have two features of WordPress that may help you improve your efficiency.

Scheduling posts

Did you know that you can write a blog post (or create a new page on your website for that matter) and then schedule it to only publish at a specific time and date? Maybe you have a sudden inspiration or perhaps you just have a little time and feel like writing your post. This is a great way to optimise your time.

But what if you get inspiration when you are not near your computer?

Enter the WordPress app – this connects to your website and allows you to post from within the app anywhere! Now you can have inspiration wherever you are and get that great idea out to the world. It is available on both iOS and Android so there is an option for everyone.

Why not use the app and combine it with scheduling to supercharge your WordPress blogging efficiency?

Happy blogging everyone.

Scott is the Managing Director at Illustrate. His main focus is to cast vision and concentrate on our future growth, as well as looking after our customers and generally managing our effectiveness and value as a web design agency. He's also great at presenting new ideas and being picky about the design of everything we do. He performs best in building relationships with other people and in his spare time rides a Honda VTR motorbike, is a huge Cardiff Devils fan and loves spending time volunteering at Freedom Church in Cardiff.